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​For those of you who loved Hill's Creek, I'm heading back and taking you all with me. The contemporary romance series kicks off with a bang with Charlie's Angel and continues with Mending Mateo, Rumor Has It, and Buying Christmas. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it. While you wait, here's the lowdown on Charlie Collins, the heroine from Charlie's Angel

When a wild-haired newcomer blows into town, claiming to be the little sister the Grainger boys didn’t know they had, only one thing is certain -- Charlie “Grainger” is on the run. From what, only Charlie knows and she’s not talking. But she’s hell-bent on shaking things up and living her life to the fullest, stirring up all sorts of trouble for the citizens of Hill’s Creek, Texas.

May 2016 bring you good fortune in all that you do. 

Elizabeth Janette

Message from Elizabeth

Can you believe it's already 2016? 2015 was a crazy year for me, but 2016 is shaping up to be a great one. Here's what I'm working on. Assassin P.I. is slated for release on March 23rd. YAY! Can't wait to introduce you all to Jack and Angie. They are a fiery couple, for sure. If you'd like to preorder this title, click here

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